Gregg Onscreen & Board Digitizer instantly increases office production by up to 4 times for the tiling contractor!
We are not just a speedy takeoff software, we are a business software that teaches cash flow at estimate time! Gregg Software is your profit partner. Gregg Software will make you money and help keep you in business during these difficult times!
Gregg Software is fully integrated from the takeoff to the pricing summary. That removes the mistakes that a user might make with transposing or miswriting numbers. That pays for the program in just days while supporting your financial position.
Gregg Onscreen

Electronic digital file takeoff software for all contractors and subcontractors. Handles almost all file formats and extensions, including multi-page files, combines files and file conversions. more information...

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Gregg Rock-It

Board digitizer takeoff software included with the OnScreen program for paper plan measuring for stone, ceramic tile and all other contractors. more information...

Gregg Fabricator in Rock-It GREGG FABRICATOR IN ROCK-IT
The Stone Fabricator in Gregg OnScreen and Rock-It uses the “Slab Optimizer” and the “Trim Expert” to takeoff and measure stone fabrication and cut to size projects. The Trim Expert will add additional items such as splashes, skirts and returns automatically as you place the edge work required for them. The Slab optimizer does the layouts for guillotine, nested and multistage cutting. more information...
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Gregg Optimization in Rock-It GREGG OPTIMIZATION IN ROCK-IT
Gregg optimization will show you how to layout the various stone pieces on to slabs from your project, obtain the job waste factor, how many slabs are needed for each material on the project and how to cut the job in the most efficient manner. more information...
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Gregg Meaure-It

Fully automated program for estimating ceramic tile. (No fabrication or sheet goods included). more information...

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Gregg Estimating Program

General and custom price programs that provide cost built estimates establishing cash flow and many other itemized breakdowns for operating your business. more information...

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