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Multiple Monitor Technical Information
For after purchase when you start using the program

You can use one monitor for this program. Those who do job site for on the fly drawing one monitor will work. Most users use two monitors. Hooking up three or four is not hard to do and can make your computer a real workstation.

If you use two monitors, you use one monitor for takeoffs and inputting into the pricing program and on the second monitor flip through the pages of the project plans. For those old fashion estimators who feel they need the whole set of plans in front of them, two three monitors works just fine.

Multiple Monitor Technical Information

One, two or three monitor’s descriptions. (Two recommended for multi page viewing)

  • If you are a pricing on the jobsite or at an office, a single monitor on a laptop will work. One monitor for pricing and creating the shop drawings in PlanIt will work.
  • If you are at an office setting, we prefer to work with at least a 2-monitor set up.
  • If possible for contractors viewing large project with many plan pages to view we prefer a third monitor when possible

Standard requirements:

  • Excel 2002/2003/2007
  • 2 GB of memory minimum. (we recommend 4 GB)
  • We recommend 2 monitors for larger projects with multiple plan files (Note: 1 monitor can be used for any contractor)
  • A dual monitor video card can allow 3 monitors if the on board video is compatible with the dual card. The monitors resolution should be full HD 1080 (1900 X 1080 resolution on a 24” monitor works fine)

Three Monitor set up for Stone Installation & Maintenance Chicago Illinois

Three Monitor set up for Stone Installation & Maintenance Chicago Illinois
Courtesy of Bill Santello

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