Gregg Software is currently closed due to the recent death of its owner, Frank Gregg. If you have software-specific questions or issues, please send an email to, and we will attempt to resolve them when possible.



Gregg Software will provide a “FREE” training session with the first purchase of a full version of estimating software!

The program training is free of charge if, done within thirty days from the software purchase unless agreed upon by both parties. Travel cost to Houston is borne by the client. The trainer can travel with expenses and fees paid for by client.

We need experienced, successful users promoting our product so training is very important to Gregg Software. We do online training with “GoToMeeting”. We recommended trying this method for the first session before we agree to travel. “GoToMeeting” is where we can do training from our computer to yours as if we were right beside you in most cases. A direct DSL or faster internet connection is required.

If additional training is required, there will be a per day charge with travel expenses charge quoted at the time of the request. Training videos are ongoing. Videos will be on the website to explain the program and new features as they are completed.

Support and Upgrades

Gregg Software includes support up to the first 12 months of your purchase. Our support year is a calendar year. Support payments will keep your company informed and using the best software available during the year as we continue to add features and software compatibility. Additional support after the initial period is $400.00 per calendar year. Upgrades for your purchase are included to keep up with ever changing operating systems with the current support payment. Additional modules or applications are not included in the support policy and priced separately.

Gregg Software provides Training and Support

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