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After years of being the best measuring program in the world Rock-It advances to meet the needs of the next century! Specifically designed for all contractors and subcontractors in stone, Speed Vision Forms and Onscreen integration makes our users more efficient.

The Stone Fabricator in Gregg OnScreen and Rock-It (click here for more information) uses the “Slab Optimizer” and the “Trim Expert” to takeoff and measure stone fabrication and cut to size projects. The Trim Expert will add additional items such as splashes, skirts and returns automatically as you place the edge work required for them. The Slab optimizer does the layouts for guillotine, nested and multistage cutting.

Gregg Optimization in Rock-It (click here for more information) will show you how to layout the various stone pieces on to slabs from your project, obtain the job waste factor, how many slabs are needed for each material on the project and how to cut the job in the most efficient manner.

The estimator continues to watch the data move from the screen to the pricing program with simple mouse clicks. The digitizer capabilities are still in place but when the user does not have prints On Screen takes over. You open or import the file to the program for measuring. The difference is that when we measure the data is automatically placed as before to the takeoff page. It is imperative to have the program that eliminates the common mistakes that are made with a user who has to transfer data to another program. When we measure a job the pricing is done as you go. Only labor production is required to complete the bid so all the after takeoff work time is not needed. That saves you time and money! Job tracking after the project is started is done with a mouse click.

Gregg Rock-It saves you time and money!

Rock-It is fully automated. The computer inputs all the data for the user eliminating human factor mistakes. The program will be the easiest to follow and understand as a residential and commercial estimator. Take the Gregg Software challenge to try our programs and we will “ROCK” your world. This is by far the easiest program to learn and operate. Our clients continue to have the edge in the market and leave the others behind!

Gregg Rock-It saves you time and money!

Rock-It can measure and price for any craft. Our full integration saves measuring time over 4 times as compares to other programs. The learning curve is minimal. A user can be proficient in measuring in 15 minutes and completing estimates in an hour of practice. The image above shows our data form with a island counter top. It shows the 4 corners clipped off and super imposes the slab size to rectangle to make the piece. That allows the user to rotate the slab for a vein direction if required.

Gregg Rock-It saves you time and money!

The image above shows the slab being rotated over the island. We also will show the material needed to make unusual shapes. We rotate the slab over the shape until we get the best fit and square the material to establish a net waste factor. The pricing program will do the gross waste factor calculating the actual number of slabs need for the entire project.

Gregg Rock-It saves you time and money!

The data form is the interaction form that types for you in the estimate. That means you do not have to risk transposing of numbers, placing data in the wrong place and having calculation errors. The human factor has been the problem in estimating and we remove that risk. The item measured comes up in the interim form as a check point to see if anything needs to be added and remind you of issues with that area. You measure an area and you get the perimeter all at once. The program needs a material list for the job to start. We have a data base where you can list many or all items you need. The issue for any data base is keeping it current with all the manufactures and items for each one with a price. It is practical to use the common ones you use.

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