Gregg Software is currently closed due to the recent death of its owner, Frank Gregg. If you have software-specific questions or issues, please send an email to, and we will attempt to resolve them when possible.


  “I am really impressed with Gregg Software’s new program. I have used other estimating programs but this one is tailor made for my industry by someone who has done every aspect of the business. Frank Gregg has really done an exemplary job of putting together all of the facets of the business in a easy and very fast way to do online estimating. I picked up one of the first jobs I took off with the program and am adding another user in the next week. It’s worth the investment to me.
Gary Sharp, Allstate Commercial Flooring
Spring, TX
(Two program users at this time)

“The program will pay for itself immediately by saving estimating time
& minimizing errors.”
Albert Thompson, Artistic Tile & Marble Inc.
Guthrie, OK
(Two program users at this time)

“Since Using the Gregg program, I have found takeoffs are faster and my estimates more accurate. What I really love about it is in our world of alternates, breakout prices and the dreaded value engineering, it is either already done for you or it’s as easy as hitting a few key strokes.”
Dave Johnson, Port Morris Tile and Marble
New York, NY
(Sixteen  program users at this time!!!)

“I love the program. It absolutely has helped me bid jobs faster and more accurately. I would highly recommend the estimating program. Finally, custom software by someone in the business”
Fred Iacono, Forte International
San Antonio, TX
(Two program users at this time)

“Gregg has allowed me to do more work and also have more time to properly manage jobs already under way.”
Greg Dickerson, Doyle Dickerson Co.
Stone Mountain, GA
(Four program users at this time)

Initially, I was scared to death to get this program. For someone who is not the most experienced with computer programs, I felt intimidated, yet willing to try  the program. The program has great merit on its own, but the instruction and follow through of Bud Gregg has made my move into the digitizing and Gregg Estimating  a painless & worthwhile process. When Bud said it will cut your estimating time by 50% - 75%, It Does! Even for a novice like myself, my time is cut by more than 50%. I wish Bud and his company the best, because they have the “best” estimating program to offer.”
Darlene Linski, Michielutti Bros.
Eastpointe, MI
(Two program users at this time)

“I spent several years looking for the best all-around estimating tool for our estimators. My choice had to incorporate the flexibility of a manual takeoff, the accuracy potential of the latest electronic equipment and represent a substantial upgrade from our existing system.  BVH-Gregg has no less then met our strict criteria!”
Les Lippert, Lippert Tile Company Inc.
Milwaukee, WI
(Eight program users at this time)

“This estimating system saves time, is more accurate and provides a great way to store estimate & project files. It is worth the time & trouble to learn! Recently, I brought my program sheet to a value– engineering meeting with an architect & general contractor, I was able to instantly answer questions on cost per square foot of item. Everyone was so impressed!”
Jan Fitts, Gulf Coast Tile & Marble Inc.
Houston, TX
(One program user at this time)

“The estimating program is amazing! Every new upgrade you send to me gets better & better. You have outdone yourself again Mr. Gregg!”
Adam Cox, Cox Tile Inc.
Naples, FL
(One program user at this time)

“Great software! The Gregg estimating and digitizing software has been a valuable asset to our tile department. If you want to increase your company’s estimating productivity I highly recommend Frank Gregg and Gregg Software!”
Michael Pinson, Texas Stone & Tile Inc.
Dallas, TX
(Three program users at this time)

“Using your estimating and digitizing Program helps me achieve a more accurate and detailed take-off in less time. I love It!”
Delta Granite & Marble Inc.
San Antonio, TX
(Seven program users at this time)

“The Gregg system has increased the productivity of a single estimator by 200%. The line item breakdowns are also a great management tool for breakdowns required by clients as well as our own breakdowns for cost reporting!”
Benny Andrews, Andrews & Associates Inc.
Atlanta, GA
(One program user at this time)

“In today's market where time is money and mistakes are more costly than ever, I need all the help I can get. Thanks Frank!”
Greg T. Sweetin, Williams Tile & Marble.
Atlanta, GA
(Two program users at this time)

“These programs are streamlined for estimating and are especially useful when making changes to the estimate during negotiations!”
Bob McCardle, BFC—Baumgardner Floor Covering.
Egg Harbor, NJ
(Four program users at this time)

“If your not Digitized you’ll be second on line. I recommend these programs without a doubt. They are great!”
Christopher J. Scholl, W. M. Erath & Son Inc.
Copiague, NY
(Two program users at this time)

“Tools are devices that facilitate the accomplishments of tasks or assists in the performance of work. By definition then, it is my considered opinion that Gregg’s estimating system is as essential to the professional tile contractors operations as are trowels, floats, nippers and saws!”
Steve Winter, Tremain Ceramic Tile.
Indianapolis, IN
(One program user at this time)

“Digitize with Rock-It and watch your business “soar” to the stars!”
Kathryn Cruciani, W. M. Erath & Son Inc.
Copiague, NY
(Two program users at this time)

“We just bid our largest job, just over $600,000.00 and got a post bid meeting to qualify our bid breakdowns and Add/Alt’s. Could not of been easier. We still don’t know if we got the job yet, but it looks promising”
Mat Brooks, Creative Tile Inc.
Roseville, CA
(Two program users at this time)

“We are a new shop and I can’t imagine estimating without it. Wish my competitors had it. Maybe they would raise their prices!”
Gary Wilson, Cathey Wholesale.
Albuquerque, NM
(One program user at this time)

“Our company has been in business since 1949. We have been using the Gregg Software for less than one year. There is no way I would go back to our old manual estimating methods!”
David Lee, Henderson Art Tiles Inc.
Henderson, TX
(One program user at this time)

“After spending valuable time with this product it became apparent that there is a block of time saved from each job taken off and estimated. That savings is valuable!”
Brad Goldsmith, Banta Tile & Marble Co. Inc.
Lancaster, PA
(Three program users at this time)

"Gregg has made it possible for NMC to increase its bid capacity by 10 times!”
Jason A. Reed, Northern Michigan Cut Stone Inc.
Petoskey, MI
(One program user at this time)

“I never knew that one day of “tab-up”, arrow-down, Tab, Tab Enter (Training) could make such a difference in estimating. It’s that easy!”
Gino Rinaldi Inc.
Watsonville, CA
(Two program users at this time)

"Gregg is easy to use. It provides user friendly software which allows our estimators to provide job quotes quickly and accurately. It is a true time saver!”
David Palmere, Speco Tile & Marble Inc.
Hightstown, NJ
(Three program users at this time)

“Although you may have an estimating program that you feel is just as fast, this program gives you a true picture of just how profitable each job is or isn’t!”
Nancy Russell, Sty. Clair Monument Co. & Granite Works Inc.
St. Clair, MO
(One program user at this time)

“The digitizing program cuts the estimating time by half and double the accuracy!”
Ashar Pohan, Sigma Marble & Granite
Dallas, TX
(One program user at this time)

“Takeoffs that used to take days only take hours now. Last minute changes are done quickly, easily and with more accuracy than before. The system has saved us an additional estimator for at least 1 year!”
Lee Wilkins, Carr Stone.
New Orleans, LA
(One program user at this time)

“Now I can track production rates early, middle and late into the job. It helps me to be productive early instead of reacting late when the job has already gone south!”
Carl Stedman, Stedman Floor Co.
Grovetown, OH
(Two program users at this time)

“Now I have more time to analyze my bids before deadlines and it affords me more time to call on my customers. Thank you Gregg!”
Don Flemming, Texas Stone and Tile, Inc.
Dallas, Texas
(Four program users at this time)

“Less than one year ago I struggled on the decision to buy the BVHGregg program or spend our dollars on a down payment for a new saw. By tracking our progress & margins with Gregg’s program we learned how to manage cash flow so that a better saw could be paid for. Timing is everything! Thanks Frank.”
John Bakker-Sedillo, Stone Pro Inc.
Santa Fe, NM
(One program user at this time)

“Time is Money, Cliché but true when it comes to this product. The amount of time saved and the number of bids one is able to produce well validates and exceeds the initial cost!”
Rebecca Newell, Alamo Tile Co..
Austin, TX (San Antonio & Dallas)
(6 program users at this time)

“It is a must Management tool!”
Steve Rymer, Architectural Tile and Stone
Austin, TX
(Two program users at this time)

“We use the Ceramic Tile as well as the Stone estimating software. The software helps double check your work, save time and makes you ask questions about the job you may otherwise forget. We’re using it as the “Backbone of our estimating division”
Gary Sharp, American Marble Mosaic Co.
Houston, TX
(Two program users at this time)

“A Good value for the money!”
David Gage, CJ Tile and Marble
San Antonio, TX
(One program user at this time)

“I have been using the Gregg software since February 1998. You have done more than you said you would, I.E. training and support. The software has saved me many hours. We will continue using Gregg software and look forward to a mutually beneficial long term relationship”
Michael Welsch, Stone Concepts
Rochester, MN
(Two program users at this time)

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